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May 17, 2019

PT Chakra Jawara donated a generator set for Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) with a capacity of 80 Kva. This donation of FPT generator is believed by ACT to be very useful during an emergency. Head of PT Chakra Jawara Commercial Division, Rudhi Wibawa revealed, since Chakra Jawara was founded in 2000, the company always contributed by helping the Government handle natural disasters. "We see that the most important requirement during a disaster is electricity needs. You can imagine that the name of the rescue without lighting and without electricity. So the actions to get victims are hampered," Rudhi said. Rudhi saw the existence of ACT, who since 2005 was always present in every disaster event and even made emergency response actions. Therefore Chakra Jawara provides assistance in the form of generators to assist ACT activities at the disaster site. "Coincidentally, PT Chakra Jawara as a dealer from IVECO, we also sell generator sets from FPT. "We are currently committed to donating in the form of a CSR program, one Ganset with an 80 kva capacity," Rudhi continued. As is known, Indonesia is in a position that is vulnerable to natural disasters. Almost every year natural disasters occur in Indonesia. "If the previous one, every time we happen, we also participate but not in the form of goods. But we lend tools such as during the tsunami in Aceh and elsewhere, "Rudhi explained. In addition to Chakra Jawara, PT Cartenz Cipta Sarana business partner from Chakra Jawara also provided assistance. The Director of Cartens Cipta Sarana, Ganjar Pradesha will make a trailer to make it easier for ACT to bring the generator to the disaster site. Ganjar estimates that he can complete the trailer construction in a few weeks, so that ACT can use it faster. The Head of ACT Jakarta, Dwi Setyo, revealed that the provision of generator sets is very beneficial for the ACT team who are on duty in the field, especially at the disaster site. He acknowledged that in the early days of the emergency, electricity was a vital need. "Why is said vital because it is always at the location of the disaster, the electricity goes out for up to one month. Therefore, this electricity need is very helpful for the team in the field, on location to facilitate the emergency activities of rescue friends in the field, "explained Dwi.


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