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December 06, 2018

President Director of Chakra Jawara, Mr. Teophilus Bambang Wira and his team visited Meulaboh to coincide with the inauguration of CK's workshop there. CJ as a supplier of IVECO truck units for the mine owned by PT MIFA BERSAUDARA also built a warehouse for parts and services in Meulaboh, where currently there are 57 IVECO units in Meulaboh. Back on March 5, 2019 yesterday, the Chakra Jawara team again visited the Meulaboh site with the aim of kicking off the synergy project that combines CJ, CK, MIFA, TU, SSB, CP, and also several other companies, the goal of this synergy project is to get a production target of 10 million tons in 2019. On the occasion which was attended by management from each company, a special pin was also pinned to each PIC as a token of appreciation for the synergy project. This project is a big concern for each company because this program is closely related to one another. Currently, apart from the team in Meulaboh, CJ has also formed a special Head Office team for the CK-MIFA project.


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