NEWS > Chakra Jawara Won the most improved company at MIP Award 2014
September 01, 2014

As a company that cares about quality improvement, Mahadasha Group constantly strives to improve quality of service by introduce Improvement Program "It's Time to Unlock Your Potential" which consists of QCC (Quality Control Circle), SS (Suggestion System), and 5S followed by 6 SBU (Strategic Business Unit), namely, Chakra Jawara, Chitra Paratama, Chandra Sakti Utama Leasing (CSUL), Mitra Solusi Telematika (MST), Tri Swardana Utama (TSU), and Triyasa Propertindo (TP).

QCC (Quality Control Circle) is a small group of employees who meet regularly to conduct quality control activities in their jurisdiction respectively. The characteristics of the QCC is consists of 4 -10 people, sustainable activities, participation of all members, development independently. development of joint capabilities, and is part of the company's quality management activities = TQM (Total Quality Management).

In April 1, 2014 at MIP Award day PT. Chakra Jawara was announced as winner of "The Most Improved Company in 2014" which was followed by other awards such as Chakra Jawara Team in Balikpapan won the QCC appreciation with theme of Reduce Parts Discrepancy in Balikpapan, Second achieved by Team Kerinci with the theme of Reduce Parts Disrepancy in Kerinci, and third place won by Kalimantan & East Ina team with theme Reduce Product Support AR Days.