NEWS > PT Chakra Jawara's Business Plan for 2014
September 01, 2014
Mining industry condition in recent years are not in good situation, while the level of competition in the mining industry is very tight moreover saving strategies undertaken by the company in this sector is quite significant, the combination of above challenges encouraging PT. Chakra Jawara to develop new breakthroughs in order to provide better solutions for its customers, such as: 1. Mapping detail customers mining in site to collect information about specific conditions of mining, road contour and characteristic also distance haulage track in order to get comprehensive information about customer details mining activities, with the aim to give the customers the best solution of the corresponding IVECO product for their business priorities and to reduce or eliminates the options, attachments or accessories are not necessary refer only to the primary needs of these activities resulting operational cost savings. 2 Provide integrated aftersales service, ranging from product training to the operation of vehicle operator accordance with the standards recommended by the manufacturer and service contract program with the objective to monitor IVECO vehicles in the field, so that the service routine vehicle can be done in a timely manner in accordance schedule of services with a use of spare parts that can be control and recommended by IVECO. All programs supported by IVECO certified mechanics in order to get an optimum working service of vehicles. 3 Providing attractive offers for the purchase of a new unit, working with several high reputation finance companies with attractive leasing programs that provide more value for the customers.