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Reaching Sulawesi Area, CJ Opens New Branch in Kendari

Chakra Jawara (CJ) has expanded its business by inaugurating the opening of a new branch in Kendari
City on June 16, 2021. After previously opening a new branch in Surabaya in November 2020,
this time CJ has again expanded its business network to Kendari City with the aim of being
able to reach and meet the needs of the company's customers and prospective customers,
especially those engaged in the Nickel mining business in the Sulawesi region.
Held in the ongoing pandemic, the inauguration of the branch office located on
Jl. Bridgend Madjied Joenoes, Senapati Land Ruko Complex no. 35 Bende, Kendari,
Southeast Sulawesi This event took place solemnly and complied with the implementation
of strict health protocols to ensure the safety and health of all parties. (Sofi Adenina)