Excelent Trancient laod response
High performance guaranteed in all conditions
High engine power density
Compliance with emissions legislations (Tier 4A/Stage IIIA)
Alternative fuels compatibility
Low noise levels
Low oil and fuel consumption
Best in class maintenance intervals
Availability of a wide range of options
Compact engine layout

FPT Industrial offers supperiror technology and outstanding advantages



The FPT Industrial range for power generation applications includes the F, N, and C series and has a wide range from 24 to 320 kW. In the range there also are several hybrid combinations, with various options available including a series of special products that can be adapted to satisfy even the most demanding of customers.
Wherever energy has to be delivered quickly and reliably, FPT Industrial provides the optimal answer with its state-of-the-art range of engines for PowerGeneration applications.

Sustainability is one of the primary drivers of product development at FPT Industrial, here the increasingly stringent standardsfor Diesel engines emissions are considered as a challenge to continuous improvement

To fulfill market requirements, FPTIndustrial has developed different engine ranges respectivelycompliant with emissions standards up to Tier 4A (US) and StageIIIA (Europe). Fpt Industria products offer functional layouts, hi-tech contents and carefully selected top quality components as well.

Wherever energy is needed, FPT Industrial has the right solutions: banks, hospitals, malls and shopping centers, construction sites and shipyards, and also domestic use. The new range of soundproof gensets, both for rental or fixed installations, are environmentally friendly but at the same time offer great performance. The power generation range is enriched by some special products, also with 400 Hz units for airport and military applications, gensets in containers, specific shelters, energy systems for off-shore installations, low voltage distribution panels and resistances.